Saturday, November 14, 2009

No More Titles Left

Since I've written this same post about 3 times now I've decided to give up trying to think of a catchy title.

You may have figured out through this post and that recipe that I'm back on Weight Watchers...for the third time now! My hope is that the 3rd time will be the charm and I will finally reach my ultimate weight goal.

I hope you all will forgive me for repeating this weight loss journey over and over again. I personally get annoyed with people like me. The ones who consistently talk about losing weight, start out all gung ho, and then after a few weeks fizzle out only to start the cycle again later. I've become one of those people!!

But, I'm determined not to stay this way.
I'm breaking the cycle.

Two weeks ago, after taking 5 months off , I signed back up for Weight Watchers online program. I haven't shared this with all of you until now because the honest truth was I was embarrassed. I was ashamed to come and tell the bloggy world about my lack of motivation and determination which resulted in gaining 8lb and a bigger bottom. In case you don't know this about me...I don't fail well. I'm a bit competitive like that, not to mention stubborn.

But, what I've realized is part of the reason I was so successful with my big weight loss (43lb) is because I did share my weight loss journey with the world. I celebrated the successes and confessed my failures. It was my commenter's encouragement, praise, sometimes frank words that kept me motivated. When I would read comments about how my weight loss journey was inspiring others that was the ultimate motivation! I had to work hard and be successful for myself and for others. People were depending on me.

So to wrap this long post up.
I'm back on plan.
I'm counting points, tracking them, and slowly getting back into my exercise routines.

My starting weight was 148 (7.5lb more than my last weight on 6/6/09).
Week 1 (Nov. 7) -1 lb / 147 lb.
Week 2 (today) -1 lb / 146 lb.

Not too bad.
Down 2lb already!

Weekly Goal: Earn more activity points this week!!


  1. You can do it!!! This is a tough time of year but if we keep fighting it, I figure we'll at least come out even by Spring!

    Go for it.

  2. Hey Mel!

    This journey is so hard! We all have our ups and downs! Blogging about it gives us some accountability and reality! This is the real world and the real world is not always easy! Glad you found your way back to WW. I took a break from my meetings but recently went back because I wasnt doing enough!! WE CAN DO THIS TOGETHER!! Here's to sexy by Fitbloggin'!!!



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