Friday, November 13, 2009

Ida's In The House

For the past few days we have been getting the remnants of Ida here at the coast of Delaware. The kids and I had early dismissal yesterday due to high winds and flooding and today were given the whole day off.

We decided to explore the area to see what we could see.

This is what we found...

First we had to find a way to get out of our neighborhood as this is the road (Fred Hudson for my local readers) we usually use. Notice the "water on the road" sign in the right of the photo. Yeah, the one that is almost under water!!
So we turned around and headed down Route 26, you the know...the evacuation route!

Here we find the canal overflowing,

and trucks creating tidal waves.
Finally we make it out,
Welcome to Bethany Beach!
Forget biking around Bethany today,
You will have to resort to swimming to drop off your mail.
Thinking we will not be having lunch or dinner here for a couple of days.
The low lying neighborhoods or the ones next to the canals seem to be worst.

These are back yards. Thinking that picnic table won't be used for awhile.

On the beach front...
We have ocean under the boardwalk,
huge waves crashing,
a cliff drop off the side of the dune,
and no beach left.
So after our adventure around town it was unanimous that we believe it is time to call in the National Guard!


  1. oh wow! I didn't realize you guys were getting hit so hard! My mom and step dad are in Florida now. They got there just hours after it had passed through. Crazy! Hope you're all doing okay!

  2. Unbelievable photos, Mel. Hope you're staying safe. We're mostly getting the heavy winds up here - not the flooding that you're dealing with.

  3. I hope that Ida goes away soon.



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