Sunday, October 18, 2009

One Ends and Another Begins

What a week we have had!

In 7 days we have spent a day in New York, celebrated Zoe's 5th birthday, went to Philly for Disney on Ice, and drove through Maryland, Virginia, and North Carolina to visit my brother for this weekend. Quite the travelers we are!

I have lots of pictures, but other than our New York pix just haven't had the time to get them uploaded. Guess I'll add that to my every growing to do list.

I'm hoping that this week things will slow down. Other than a field trip and a PTO meeting things should be quiet around school (as quiet as quiet can be with a class full of 5th graders that is). Next weekend is unplanned as of now and I'm hoping to keep it that way. Of course unplanned still means soccer games, SeaWitch Festival in Rehoboth, and Zoe going away for a sleepover!

The fun never ends!!
Here's to a great week ahead!

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