Monday, October 19, 2009

Kid Conversations - Sweet and Funny

First the sweet...

When we were in New York last weekend the doors to St. Patrick's Cathedral were open so we took a minute to step inside. It is an absolutely gorgeous church and you can't help but become mesmerized with the beauty.

There were many places where you light candles and Dylan wanted to know why there were so many candles and what they were for. I explained that people light candles to signify sending a prayer for a loved one (I am not Catholic so I hope I got that right). He thoughtfully stood still for a second and then asked if he could light one for Mako since he was thinking about him. He asked it so quietly and with such love that it completely stopped me in my tracks. I was so choked up that my little boy would be so thoughtful that I couldn't really respond. Thankfully, my mom in law was with me and came to my rescue telling him what a nice thought that was. In the end we didn't light the candle, but I'm sure Mako could feel all the love Dylan was sending him as he is running around in heaven!

Then the funny...

As we were driving out of the city, Zoe very excitedly said, "Look Mommy." When I looked out I didn't see anything except an old factory with lots of smokestacks.
So I asked her what she was looking at. She said, "Do you see those tall things sticking out of the building?" I said yes, and told her they were called smokestacks. To which she replied, "I know what they are mommy, they are the things that make all the clouds in the sky."

After I stopped laughing I explained what they were really for and how they most definitely were not for creating clouds or at least fresh clouds, but I gotta give her props for her creative thinking.

Out of the mouth of babes!


  1. Yes, the first is so sweet! And too funny that the smokestacks would make the clouds, but it does look like it, doesn't it?

    Hope your week is going well!

  2. My kids call them cloud makers too- and they also wonder if Willy Wonka is in there :)
    And as a Lapsed Catholic you are correct in your assumptions about the candles. There is usually a stick- don't know the proper name- for you to light your candle off one that is lit- sometimes there is a small offering bin.
    My Grandma a very strong catholic and lights candles in her home as a sign of vigil. Anytime someone needs prayers she lights a candle- it serves as a reminder.
    When my Uncle was in that horrible car accident I felt helpless- I could do nothing. I lit a candle and prayed all day for him and my two little cousins- It helped. A little of that Catholic school girl came outta me :)


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