Saturday, August 29, 2009

Week Rewind

What a week!
As you know, this was the first full week of being back in school and I have just one word...EXHAUSTING!

Every night I planned to sneak some blogging in to share some of my back to school stories with you all, but I don't think there was one night I was up past 9pm. One night I was actually in bed at 7:30 and another asleep by 8:30.

The week was quite a roller coaster full of ups and downs and times when I just had to shut my eyes and hold on. Here's a quick rewind...

Monday - Dave's aunt came to stay with the kiddos since Dyl didn't go back to school till Tuesday and Zoe didn't need to go to daycare until Wednesday. She gave them quite the last day of summer vacation with mini-golf, McDonalds, and ice cream. Meanwhile I was busy putting the final touches on my room and welcoming the students to their new classroom on Meet the Teacher Day. I didn't get home until late and this began my week of early bedtimes.

Tuesday - The alarm went off way to early for our first day of school. Thankfully it was only Dylan and I who had to go to school so I didn't have any extra drop offs. The first day of school ended up being a success by all as I didn't get beat up or picked on by the 5th graders and Dylan reported he had a GREAT day.

Wednesday - Friday went well also. The beginning of school is always tough for me as the days are filled with the procedures, rules, routines, and getting to know you activities. There is no following the schedule, but rather just trying to get all the information out there. The majority of my students had been together in 4th grade so after two days of activities, I had enough and it was time to dive into the textbooks. Boy are 5th graders chatty!! Everybody has something to say and I am sure I will be doing much training on when it is appropriate to interject the next few weeks. But, as a whole my class is awesome. I will have my challenges, but they are a great group and all nice kids so I know it is going to be a great year!

I'm thrilled to say that Dylan had a great first week in 3rd grade too. 3rd grade! Unbelievable. Where did the time go? His teacher and class looped, which means he is with the same group of students and has the same teacher as 2nd grade. He was pretty eager to see his friends again. It looks like it is going to be another fabulous year at school for him, which makes me very happy.

Unfortunately, Zoe's week was much more stressful. Wednesday she cried during drop off and Thursday had a complete meltdown even with the promises of ice cream, candy, and a new coloring book when I picked her up. Yes, I am that mom. I will never be above bribery! I did call the daycare later and she was doing fine, but her transition was pretty tough. I think part of her problem with going back was the fact that she wasn't able to go right into her new preschool room with the teachers she really wants to be with. Instead she went back to the classroom she left in the spring with her old friends, but a new teacher. When I picked her up each day she was her usual happy self, but it was tough starting the day with crocodile tears. Thankfully Friday drop off took a turn as Zoe announced, "Mom I think I'm getting used to this." Although she did say this three times kind of loud so I think along with trying to convince me she was trying to convince herself too. I was so proud of her though for trying to be so strong! She gave me a smile and blew me a kiss as I left that morning which was a great way to end the week. Thank goodness we only have three days next week and then the following week she will be in her preschool room with her favorite teacher, which she is ecstatic about! And so is mommy!

So here we are on Saturday. Back to the same old routine of running all the errands, catching up on laundry, putting the house together, emptying the sink, and setting up for another week ahead.

Only 170-some more days till summer vacation!!


  1. It sounds like things went well up there in 5th grade. = )

    We had a full 5 days with the kids for a first week. I'd much prefered a mid-week start! I was in my PJs by 6:20 on Friday night.

    Good luck with week two!

  2. I am glad all went well on your first week of school. Ihope zoe really does adjust well and YAY for Dyl for getting to be with all his friends and same teacher. I am sure that makes the transition easier for him and you.

    %th grade would be a challenging class i would think. Pre-teens on the verge of thinking they are adults. In a lot of ways i would think it would be a fun type of challenging though. The ciricumlum is harder and you have to find more fun ways to teach those who are not as eager to learn.

    It always struck me as funny how we beg for summer to be here then when it is here we are cool for the first few weeks and then we are ready for the routine of school to start again. I guess i am lucky in that we go year round so we onbly get 6 weeks for summer break and go back in July. Here is to counting down till Christmas!

  3. What a busy week, but you survived!!


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