Saturday, June 20, 2009

Playing Catch Up

I've been on summer vacation for a week and two days.
This is the first day we haven't had company in the house and I've been home with just the kids.

First my sis in law and gorgeous niece stayed with us for a week, which I am very thankful for because it solved my problem of childcare for Dylan for the days he was finished with school, but I still had a few inservice days. My last day of school was Wednesday (not this past, but the week before) and then we all got to hang out together fitting in a day at the beach and a trip to the zoo. Then that Saturday I had Zoe's recital, lost the cat, and was in packing frenzy. Saturday night we headed to my parents house where we dropped off the kids to stay while Dave and I headed to Key West for a few days. Key West was awesome and we made it back home Wednesday night. My parents stayed with us until this morning. We ran some errands on Thursday and pretty much relaxed, then Friday we spent the day at the beach, then went into Rehoboth for dinner and a walk on the boardwalk.

This morning mom and dad left around 10 am and since then none of us have left the couch. Well except to get some breakfast and refill my coffee cup that is!

Don't get me wrong because one of my favorite things about living at the beach is that people like to come visit. I love entertaining so it works out perfectly. However it seems ever since summer vacation began we have constantly been on the go. It's nice to just be at home with the kiddos.

While there is plenty I should be doing like the loads of laundry that I have mentioned before, but have still not tackled, emptying/refilling the dishwasher, grocery shopping, picking up the house, sweeping the floor, etc. I'm pretty content right now just catching up on blogging, my DVR recordings, and twittering. I have all summer to do the rest, right??

There are a few things I need to catch up on right here in my own bloggy world, so in an effort to be productive:

I completely forgot to choose the winner for my Sun and Earth box of cleaning goodies. Congrats, Erinn (commenter #13 chosen by, you won! I will be passing on your email to a rep for Sun and Earth and they will be in contact for you to receive your box. I know you are going to be thrilled when you open your box!!

I finally got my review finished for Little Debbie Muffins. I'm actually giving away 3 boxes full of yummy Little Debbie Muffins at Reviewsings so make sure you go visit to sign up to win one for yourself, or if you are nicer than me, to share with your family.

Pshew, now I feel like I at least accomplished something today.


  1. I would do the same - relax and work later - especially when you have all summer to do it, pfff! hee hee I wouldn't even hesitate :)

    You've been running around and working hard, now it's time for some more than well deserved rest.

    Glad you're enjoying some quality relaxing time with your family - Welcome back :)

  2. may i first say that i am so jealous that you live close to the beach! Do you ever get tired of it?

    I think summer con sometimes be busier than the rest of the year! There is so much to do and so much planned. Hope you get caught up when you have rested!


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