Thursday, June 18, 2009

The Cat Came Home Too

Remember how our cat disappeared on the day we were leaving town for vacation?

Well yesterday when my mom went out back to grill some hot dogs she heard meowing. She called the kids and my dad to help her find where it was coming from and Dylan discovered a cat was under our deck. He climbed under and brought her back out. It was Love in perfect condition. They brought her in the house where she made a beeline for the litter box and then her food bowl where they said she ate and ate and ate some more. Then she found her favorite toy and took it to her favorite perch on the back of a chair to look out her window.

Love is home!
The kids are thrilled.
Now we are just praying that we won't have any little Love's arriving anytime soon.

She and I will be making that trip to the vet now to get her fixed.
I wonder if they can do a pregnancy test on a cat?


  1. I'm glad your cat came home! and yes they can do a test of sorts to find out if she's expecting.

    I hope that you aren't going to need homes for the extras too...although the vet can take care of that too if you want.

  2. So glad the cat returned..

    We're having a GIRL!

  3. I'm so glad she came back. That is such a horrible feeling when you think you have lost a pet.

  4. Phew!!! I'm so glad Love is back and safe!! :)


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