Saturday, June 13, 2009

I Just Want To Go On Vacation & Find the Darn Cat

Why does it sometimes seem like taking vacations isn't really worth it?
Dave and I leave for Key West in the morning, but there is so much to do meanwhile.

The kids are going to my parents so they have to be all packed up with clothes, swimwear, Wii games and gear, and toys and games so they don't drive grandpa and grandma completely insane.

Then I'm trying to pack myself which is no easy feat. I admit it. I am not a light packer! I must have options. I don't know what I will feel like wearing each day, maybe a sundress, maybe shorts, or maybe I'll stay in my bathing suit all day by the pool (this is sounding the best right now). Then, what shirt to wear. Perhaps I'll go sleeveless, but may need something light to cover up with. Then there are the shoes. I won't even go there to tell you all the thought process that goes into packing my shoe closet. So my packing goes on and on this way until I have to sit on the suitcase while somebody else zips it shut. Only this time I am putting more effort than usual in condensing because I really don't want to check my bag. One would think with sun dresses, shorts, and t-shirts I would have a good chance at accomplishing this, but we shall see.

In the middle of the packing frenzy, Zoe has her dance recital this afternoon. Since it is the day before we leave for vacation daddy won't be able to make it and there is a part where he was supposed to dance with her so I'll be dancing on stage now. They are doing "True Loves Kiss" from Enchanted and it is adorable. Can't wait to see it with all the props. I'm just hoping that somebody gets some good pictures as I won't be taking them since it will be my dancing debut.

Oh and of course because packing and dancing wasn't enough for today, our cat escaped last night and is now wandering the neighborhood. Hubby came upstairs this morning and I knew something was very wrong when he begins with, "Don't get upset. I know you don't want to start your day like this, but..." Evidently, the slider door didn't get shut last night and Love somehow got the screen door open. I'm sure she is partying it up somewhere. I'm crossing my fingers that perhaps she will get hungry and find her way back home, but with us leaving this evening to head to my parents I'm not holding my breath. I've broken the news to Dyl, but Zoe isn't up yet so I still have to tackle that conversation. Considering Love was her birthday present, I'm a bit nervous to tell her. At least the kids will be busy at my parents house so that will occupy them for a few days anyways.

I keep telling myself...
The packing will get finished,
the recital will be wonderful,
the kitty will return (hopefully without babies in her belly)
and tomorrow night I will be in Margaritaville with the love of my life sipping a frozen drink with an umbrella.


  1. You can do it!! I'll be praying for you. I agree that vacations are more stressful than they should be. Just keep thinking about that Margarita...mmmm...margarita...

    Have a great trip!

  2. Oh my... My thoughts are with you - hopping that everything sorts itself out by tonight! Good thing is very soon you get to relax and enjoy a lovely vacation with your husband. So all the work you're doing now is worth it :) and it ends soon, hang in there!
    Have a wonderful time in Key West with Dave!!!

    Oh and I'm looking forward to seeing some photos of your dance debut, hee hee


  3. At least you decided on where you are going....the 3 of us can't even come to an agreement on THAT. Oy!

  4. Cheers! Here is to hoping you and hubby have an AMAZING time!

  5. If the kitty returns, call the vet and see if they can have her spade while you're gone!!! teach her for leaving the house. har har.

    I know you'll get it all done, you have to. :D

    Have a great trip.

  6. I'm with you on the packing... I ALWAYS over pack -- and to think about shoes??!! Oi! Have fun and don't think about anything but relaxing!


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