Saturday, May 9, 2009

Yes, I'm doing bullets, but at least its positive

In an effort to put last week behind me and look forward to brighter days ahead I'm kicking off the weekend with a positive post. I'm thinking happy. Bullet-style.

  • There are only 19 more school days until summer vacation! Not that I have a huge sign on my front board counting down the days of course.

  • Cassie brightened my spirits by telling me that she thinks I'm awesome and even giving me an award!! I'll be passing on the award soon.

  • PTO treated me (and of course the rest of the school staff) with an absolutely delicious lunch on Thursday. Mmmm, those brownie bites filled with cream cheese were oh so tasty.

  • Two students brought in gifts today for Teacher Appreciation week. One gave me a gorgeous Lily plant and the other a huge coffee mug (yes, she knows me!!) filled with pencils, notecards, and a notepad.

  • Dylan couldn't wait to give me his Mother's Day gifts he made at school. He wrote a couple poems filled with things he loves about me. I found out that I'm "good at games", "an outstanding cook", "magnificient mom," and that he loves me a whole lot. What mom wouldn't be happy hearing all of that?

  • Dave and I actually talked about something that has really been bothering me. It was nice to put everything out there because I had been feeling ashamed and embarrassed which made me withdraw from him.

  • The sun was bright and the skies were blue for a few hours today after I lost count of I don't know how many days of gray skies dumping rain.

  • I ran twice this week after not running for over a week.

  • I signed up for two upcoming races and feel my running mojo returning.

  • I received many emails of encouragement after posting and twittering.

  • Oh and of course I'm happy because IT'S THE WEEKEND!!

  • and we'll be making our annual trip to the all-you-can-eat crabhouse on Sunday for Mother's Day...oh yeah baby, bring those hot, fat crabs to mama.

What happened this week that made you smile, laugh, or just feel good?


  1. Monday: I got to meet a new friend

    Wednesday: I got to go and talk to my friends for 5 hours at the park (forget that I got sun burned doing it. ;) )

    Thursday: I got my haircut

    Friday: we did a service project at Girl Scouts and provided gifts for 17 foster children.

    all week I got to spend time with my daughter and sharing jokes and smiles.

  2. Happy bullets are great!

    I'm a teacher too (high school English), and I've been counting down for a few weeks now. It's it funny how teachers are as excited (if not more so) than students about summer? We have 24 school days left, and I cannot wait. After 9 years of teaching, this is the first summer I'm taking off. Can't wait.

    Have a wonderful time this weekend, and Happy Mother's Day.

  3. Sounds like things are looking up !
    Have a great Mother's Day!


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