Friday, May 8, 2009


I honestly don't know if I've ever been so excited for Friday to be here.

This has been a week straight from the place down under (and I'm not talking Australia...although I've always wanted to visit there).

Usually I'm okay with the whole juggling game. Work, kids, daycare, house, bills, the numerous other "balls" miraculously just keep on circling.

But, this week? They all came crashing down.

It started with Zoe being sick,
then Dylan hurting his finger and having to be picked up from school
then computer troubles at work
incomplete paperwork for a meeting
medicines forgotten in the morning, afternoon, and night
no clean sheets/blankets for Zoe to take to daycare,
missing Muffins for Moms at my school and disappointing Dylan
failure to wear red at school when the whole state was doing it to make a point
waiting all day for Fish Tacos to realize the topping needs to set for 3 hours (this was at 6pm)

a soggy pretzel salad that was dumped in the sink and an errand ran to get ingredients for 2nd take

I really could go on, but it isn't worth it.

The most important thing is that it is FRIDAY. The beginning of the weekend. A weekend that is completely open. Other than swim lessons for a half hour I have nothing else planned. I'm ecstatic.

Do you have any plans for the weekend? Do you usually fill them up or prefer to keep them empty?


  1. I hope you have a good weekend. sorry to hear that it's been such a rough week.

    Normally I don't make any plans for anything other than the classes that we sign up to do. I like being flexible. But my husband normally has a list of things he likes to get done. So that usually dictates our weekends...but he's not here now, so I have to come up with our plans.

  2. I'm sorry! Hopefully the weekend will help you relax. I left you an award on my blog if that helps you feel any better :)

  3. oh la la that was a tough week! One thing after another, phew!
    But now the weekend is here and I'm sure things will settle down and you will have a great time!! Sending positive vibes your way for that to be true :)
    I always prefer to keep my weekends open myself, I always need a lot of time to relax and try to forget about work... We like to work on some reno for our house most weekends... productive/fun :)

  4. I hope the weekend helps things to regroup and get better. Having a rough week is torture.

    We typically have minimal plans for weekends. Of course this weekend is different since we're going to Orlando :)

  5. nothing except to see if I can find some shirts for myself. All I have are t-shirts and those just don't work for school!

  6. Friday couldn't come fast enough for me either...yah!

  7. and here I was feeling sorry for myself this week! You definitely had a rough one...but maybe your weekend will be just as good as your week was bad!!

    We have lacrosse, scrubbing pool chairs and vacuuming on the agenda. Full weekend, but since it is Mother's Day weekend, no one is allowed to whine!!


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