Monday, April 13, 2009

The Vacation Begins

I can't believe we have been in Florida for two whole days already. How come vacations go a million times faster than any other times? It's not fair!!

We have had quite an action packed couple of days!
Let me backtrack to day one, Saturday.

First, I just have to brag for a second and tell you that I did run a 5K outside on Saturday. The weather was gorgeous and I was in the mood to run so I did. The path I chose was right along a river with absolutely beautiful houses mansions. The scenery kept my mind occupied along with all the other joggers/bikers out exercising. They all kept inspiring me to keep going!

After my run, I had to reward myself so we went to lunch at one of my favorite little surf restaurants here in Melbourne, Florida.

Here I enjoyed the lunch I've been craving for weeks...a clamboat with waffle fries and cole slaw. Thank goodness I ran!

When we got back home from lunch the kids had to dye some Easter eggs since we hadn't done any yet. They had fun with Gramma and their cousin drawing pictures with the "magic" crayon and watching their eggs turn beautiful colors.

Then it was off for some afternoon fishing.

My in laws live along a river and there is a draw bridge that crosses over it to an island (that is where I ran), which is perfect for fishing off of. It is always full of fishermen and kids waiting to catch the big one. We just had to join in the fun! We got a few catches including a couple pufferfishes.

Saturday evening was wonderful as my brother and sis in law came over (they live down here also) to enjoy dinner, a humongous pot of homemade crab soup! It was delicious. A perfect balance to my lunch of fried clams too.

After dinner, the kids flew some kites,

played Wii, Barbies, and just hung out while we talked and then everybody settled in to watch a movie.

A great way to end a fabulous first day of vacation!!

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  1. Keep the pictures coming! Looks like you are having a blast...wish I was there too! of these years! Have fun at Disney and then your solo trip! Happy Spring! Love, Aunt Steph

  2. Oh how i yearn to join you! We will be leaving the 23rd for Georgia for the weekend and then on to Winter Haven, FL till the 5th of May! I am just so impatient to be in the warm weather and smell the salty air! Oh and the seafood...those clams made my mouth water! Enjoy your trip and keep the pictures coming!

  3. Looks like a blast. wow 5 miles! the food looks soooooooo good! Sounds like so much fun, I'm jealous!!!!!!

  4. It looks like your having fun! I have family in Melbourne too. Is the Blueberry Muffin still there? (if it's not it used to be a great place to eat breakfast when I was a kid).Now when we go it's only for a day becasue we are usually at Disney and drive over for a short visit. Have fun and enjoy the warm weather.

  5. What a great getaway! Glad it was fun.

  6. So jealous Mel - sounds like a great vacation for you all! Can't wait to hear about your trip to the zoo!


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