Sunday, April 12, 2009

The Easter Bunny Was Here

Zoe was a little worried that the Easter bunny wouldn't know where to find her because we weren't in a hotel. You see every year we take vacation on my spring break from school which always begins Easter weekend. For two years we were in Disney and then last year in San Diego so she hasn't known Easter at a house. She was a bit concerned, but we reassured her that the bunny would find Gramma's house because that is their absolute favorite place to visit.

Gramma stayed up late last night to string up the Easter bunny's trail throughout the house, wrapping yarn around presents and eggs, until finally leading the kids to a basket.

Then they hunted for some eggs and ended up finding other baskets, or should we say sand buckets? Who knew he left filled buckets instead of baskets here in Florida?

As you can see the kids made out like bandits.

Such a fun way to begin Easter morning!!


  1. We went away for the weekend and my 5yo was concerned about the Easter Bunny. We had to leave a note for the Bunny at home, where to find us. The delivery worked out well, but no baskets here, our bunny needed to pack gift bags!

    Very cute, sand buckets, sounds fabulous.

  2. DH slept right through the Easter Bunny's visit so when DD came to wake us up at 6:30 he was worried that the bunny hadn't come! That was pretty funny. hee hee course now I'm very sleepy...very very sleepy!


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