Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Wordless Wednesday - Tell Me My Eyes Deceive Me

This is what I saw in Target the other day...



  1. UGGH! I wanna know when they are going to stop using such UGLY fabrics...and realize that NO ONE wants to buy a bikini when there is still snow on the ground. sigh!

    And this someone won't be buying a bikini ever again.

  2. I saw the same thing the other day. Hello, Wii Fit.

  3. AHHH! A girl can dream!
    Now where are the one pieces with the large skirt cover-up for me?

  4. Tell me about it. I expect to see spring clothing now but bathing suits??? I will never be in a bikini. However, I'm hoping to be in a tankini and I will say that seeing them did make me want to stick to my WW routine. I'll find out tonight at weigh in how that went for me:)

  5. I saw that just a few days after Christmas.

    It prompted me to get my booty home and dump all the holidays goodies! I even did a post about how seeing those TINY bathing suits, motivated me to purge our home of all things buttery and delicious!

    Does anyone know why Target has bathing suits out in the dead middle of winter in the Northeast??? Just asking??

  6. oh I know.. isn't is sick??

  7. Okay, first thought was....yeah, summer is coming :)

    Second thought? Ugh, bathing suit time. The thighs are not ready :(


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