Thursday, January 22, 2009

An Elephant Never Forgets

Good to know I'm not an Elephant.

Here I am in the middle of my third week of Weight Watchers (take 2) and realized I never posted my second weeks Saturday weigh in. I did meet my goal last week to stay within my points. I even tried not to use too many of my weekly allowance points either to help boost a loss. Here are my results.

WEEK 2 / -1.5 / -4

Now unfortunately, I started the weekend off traveling which resulted in a croissant breakfast at Dunkin Donuts, McNuggets at McDonalds, a Brownie Sundae, and then French Fries coming home. I did great while visiting my brother and sis especially since my sis is doing Weight Watchers and made sure to make point friendly meals. It's the dang car ride and the food stops we make. My choices though!!

So this week so far hasn't been too great. I'm all out of my weekly allowance points and even used some of my activity points from working out with hubby on Tuesday. One more day to go so hopefully today and tomorrow will be good. I'm battling a nasty cold, but unfortunately it hasn't seemed to affect my appetite at all.

Tonight's my Weight Watchers weigh in so we'll see how it goes!



    But remember when you fall off the waggon to get right back on!

    Traveling is very hard on a diet...your body just wants those extra callories.

    I like that Applebees has weight watcher points values on their menus...even though I'm not on WW. The WW menu items have all been very good. Last time I got the cajun talipia...yum! It would have been better tasting & healthier with plain rice though.

  2. I think that is a great loss. Here is to a great week where we have lots of points to spare!

  3. Good for you for (a) being honest and (b) keeping up with the points of those items. Back in 2002, I gained 30 pounds mostly b/c I was in the car a lot, commuting back and forth to graduate school. I know exactly what you mean about traveling being hard!


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