Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Christmas Parade

The other night we took the kids to watch a Christmas Parade in a neighboring town. The kids snuggled under blankets to enjoy the show.

While they waited for the parade to begin somebody gave them a candy cane to enjoy. They both decided they did NOT like peppermint!

There were actual Macy type balloons which were neat along with the local businesses floats and school bands. It was actually a very loooonnnngggg parade and even the kids begin to tire out of waiting for Santa to arrive.

But, he finally made it and the Christmas season officially began for them.
The first sighting of Santa as he headed to his house.


  1. neat parade. I had to work the day of our parade and DH & DD decided it was too windy to go. They do our parade in the daytime in hopes of warmer weather.

    The big city does a light parade, but we have never gone...we could watch it on TV, but never have.

    I hope the kiddos enjoyed the parade despite the candy canes.

    DD found the joys of drinking a beverage through a candy cane this year.

  2. LOL love DD face- Perfect timing mom!
    Looks fun

  3. I'm with your kids, I can't stand peppermint candy canes!


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