Thursday, October 2, 2008

In Case You Wanted to Know More

I know I've done this meme before, but I can never say no so I'm doing it again since the wonderful Sarah tagged me. Anything for her!!

6 random things about me...
  1. When I eat pizza I take all the toppings off including the cheese and just eat the crust with some sauce.
  2. I admit it. I am a big "talk on my cell while driving" person. I have a 45 minute commute one way and find that it is usually the best time to take care of things. When I get home in the evening it's dinner, cleaning, homework, baths, and bedtime...way to hectic to try to have a conversation with somebody.
  3. I go overboard on my kid's birthday parties. We have had ponies, a princess, a marine, big blow up things, multiple pinata's...I am the birthday party queen!!
  4. Going along with #3 and for other parties, I am a big theme person. Once I pick a theme I run with it for decorations, food, favors, games, crafts, etc...and I never mix and match theme's.
  5. Jeans are my favorite article of clothing and I'm so happy it is fall so I can wear them!
  6. I'm addicted to Webkinz and have been spending a few late nights trying to get past level 6 on Smoothie Moves!
Although I can't ever say no, I am pretty good at doing things my own way so I'm not going to tag anybody, except for you, you, and you! When you play along let me know so I can come learn more about you!!


  1. Mel, you have no idea how much I was laughing at your #6 b/c I am in the SAME BOAT!! That darn Smoothie Moves!! I signed on to my daughter's Webkinz account last night to play that stinkin' game! She didn't even want to be on Webkinz at the time.
    "Get ready for some smoothie moves!"

  2. OMG! I'm laughing! I thought I was the only one who plays with their child's webkinz account. Then also love how everyone has the same problem I do: Smoothie Moves!

  3. Jeans are my favorite clothing too!

    The pizza with no toppings has a name. It's red something? What is it? I can't remember, but it's not that weird.

  4. I used to take the toppings off of my pizzas, too! My friend worked at a pizza place in HS, so he'd always make me sauce pizzas. Now I eat the toppings, but I really only like pineapple or yellow peppers.

  5. How fun to read these facts about you! I rarely like doing these memes, but I always like reading them!

    To funny about parties. Me? I avoid them at all costs;) Now my kids are old enough to plan there own. LOVE THAT!

    Hey, it's my husband's 40th birthday today, care to come over and wish him well?


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