Sunday, September 7, 2008

That Weight Thing!

Remember when I told you all this. Then I shared this with you.

Then nothing. nada. no news. no follow up.

Well I am now getting it together. So I can share the last of my journey with you all. My first couple of weeks back on Weight Watchers weren't so hot, which is probably why I didn't rush to write about it! ((hanging head in shame)) However, once school started and I got back into the swing of things it was much better. I find being able to take my lunch to school a huge help. I've been taking some carrots, a yogurt, a fruit, and a fiber one bar, but really haven't been very hungry at school. I think it is because I am so busy that I don't think about the food, which is fine with me. Don't worry I'm still getting all my points!

While I have been doing well with lunches, I still am very inconsistent with counting my points and I know that is a horrible habit to get into. I know how important it is to track what I am eating, if anything just to be held accountable and think about everything that is entering my mouth. I just can't seem to get down a routine for tracking yet. It used to be that I would count my breakfast and lunch during my lunch time at work and then dinner in the evening, but for some reason I keep forgetting. Note to self: MUST COUNT POINTS THIS WEEK.

So here is where I stand:
WEEK 5 (Take Two) / - 3lb / -37lb

Not what I was hoping for, but completely understandable especially for the way I began.

  • COUNT ALL POINTS EVERY DAY. I may have to go back with doing a daily quick post or at least a twitter on my points for the day. Any twitter people out there who will be my accountability person??
  • Eat those fruits and veggies.
  • Use the treadmill at least three times this week.

What about you? Do you have any goals you have set for yourself to lose some weight or become healthier. Let me know in the comments because I'd love to hear them. It always helps to know you're not alone!!


  1. I had a lousy week this week, but tonight or tomorrow morning - I am signing up for WW online and I'm also joining up with Hot for the Holidays on Baby Tea Leaves.

    I have a long way to go, but will start with my 10% goal (I like that about WW - makes it a little more doable). And I'll get back into using my other blog to help with accountability.

    Here I go...

  2. If I don't count points, I gain weight. No way around it. Drives me NUTS. My goal is to lose 5 lbs before my brother's wedding. If it kills me. And it might. ;-)

  3. Well I'd love to be an accountability partner for you, as I went back to WW on Saturday, but I don't have twitter. I can check in with you on your blog or via email. :)

    Track your points, and make sure to drink a lot of water! My goal this week is to stick to my points, and drink my water. I'll get exercise in there one of these days. I think my hubby would really like me to go with him to the gym...we'll see!

    Have a great week, and I'll check in with you. I gained 11lbs back this summer...I HAD lost 23. UGH!

  4. Will happily partner you guys - glowstars on twitter. I think I've been a lot more disciplined since I set up a whole weightloss blog - My personal trainer's reading it and that's a real motivation - I cannot escape!

  5. Because Michael is diabetic he really needs to eat pretty low carb, so we have been doing low carb. more for him then me but I do cut stuff out. We have been getting back into the routine of walking after work before heading home. There is a great walking trail close to us that affords us a pretty good workout! I too have been cutting back on my sweets and eating more fruits and veggies.


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