Monday, September 1, 2008

Labor of Love

At least that is what I kept telling myself through my labor.

In honor of Labor Day, Shannon invited us to participate in a meme sharing some details about our own labors...the ones that ended with the baby's cry and a farewell to a good night's sleep. I just had to play along.

By the way, this just goes to show that the women who say "you will forget all about the labor after you see the beautiful face of your child" is a liar.

How long were your labors?

Dylan - 33 hours. Yes, you read the number right...over an entire day! I was admitted at 7am to be induced and had friends coming that night to "meet the baby". They had quite a shock when they saw that he was still in my belly!

Zoe - 5 hours. Just a wee bit different than the first. God bless my little girl.

How did you know you were in labor?

Dylan - I was induced in the hospital so never went into labor on my own. I had contractions for the entire 33 hours although they would fluctuate intensity.

Zoe - My water broke right after I used the bathroom. I remember calling for Dave from the bathroom and telling him that I thought my water broke. He looked at the mess on the floor and said "If it didn't you have some major issues."

Where did you deliver?

Both kids were born in Delaware at the same hospital in rooms right across from each other.


Um, yes please!!

I am proud to say that my anesthesiologist was my favorite person at both of my deliveries.

I had epidurals with both. I don't need to prove my super momness to anybody!!


No, both natural deliveries (with the meds - see above). I was prepped for an emergency c-section when Dylan's heart rate dropped after my water was broken, but thankfully they got him stabilized and I was able to deliver naturally.

Who delivered?

Dylan - Dr. Berlin who sang happy birthday to as soon as he was born.

Zoe - Dr. Eschbach who was so busy that night in the hospital he ran in, caught her, cut the cord, and was gone.

What about you? Want to tell your labor story? Just cut, copy, and paste the questions above, tell us your story, and then link up over at Shannon's. Leave me comment to let me know you played along so I can come read your story.


  1. No babies for me yet. :) Just 23 of them tomorrow morning!

  2. "women who say "you will forget all about the labor after you see the beautiful face of your child" is a liar."

    This made me laugh. I honestly can't remember any pain. Obviously, I must be really good at blocking it out.

  3. 33 hours holy crap that is a long time, bless your heart! At first when my water broke I wasnt sure if I had peed in my pants lol! But I had just gone to the bathroom as well so I figured that wasnt it :)

  4. What a huge difference between the two of them! That's just crazy! :)

  5. Some women say you forget the pain. I say you forgive.

    The anesthesiologist was my favorite cast member too!

  6. I love the graphic. And yes, you don't forget the pain. But we must repress it since we had more than one. And Dave cracks me up with his comment to your water breaking.
    Thanks for sharing.

  7. I hope the 5 hours of labor is a girl thing. If so, I'm in good shape! :) I don't know if I could make it through 33 are a strong woman!

  8. Meds are a good thing! And after 33 hours of labor I would say they were probably your best friend!!


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