Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Mini Vacation - The Camping Part

Two Sundays ago we left our sandcastle to head to the cornfields of Pennsylvania for a little camping adventure. My in-laws were so nice to let us borrow their RV, otherwise my hubby would not have been up for the trip at all. His idea of camping includes a TV, somewhat comfy bed, and AC. Yeah, no tent or air mattress for him! So we packed the camper on Saturday and headed out relatively early Sunday morning. After driving for about 4 hours, making a couple stops to find a swimsuit for Zoe, watching black clouds follow us, and driving through a few raindrops we finally made it. Even though Dylan and Zoe thought they would "never get to the campground".

Last year we were lucky enough to have taken the RV camping and one of the kids favorite parts was that we were next to a river. They still talk about being able to wade and catch crayfish under the rocks. Of course when they heard that we were going camping again they wanted to know if there would be another river. According to the campground map there was in fact a small creek and a big creek in the campground. When I checked in I was so happy to discover that our site backed right up one of the creeks according to the map. It was perfect until we drove there and saw that the "creek" was majorly lacking water and instead was a dry valley. We decided to see if there were any sites around the bigger creek and found some beautiful spots. Went back to see if we could get our site changed only to hear that our RV was too big to fit. People, the RV is only twenty some feet and the lots were way wider than where we were. What gives? Anyways we headed back to our spot next to the dried up creek and I was determined to not let it stop us from having a good time.

My parents were originally joining us on Monday for our trip into Hershey Park, the amusement park, but they decided to come up and join us for some camping Sunday night too. They got there an hour or so after us and then the fun began.

We decided to walk to the big creek and do some wading. The kids had a blast walking in the water. They caught many crayfish and even brought a couple back to the site with them. Dave, my dad, my brother, Dylan, and Zoe braved the current to walk across the creek and discovered a cool waterfall.

The kids also went swimming with Grandpa and Uncle Andrew at the campground. They are such little fishes. If there is a pool then that is where they want to be.

That night we enjoyed hamburgers, hot dogs, and sweet corn over the open fire. Delicious. Of course the night wasn't complete without roasting marshmallows and enjoying some S'Mores. My mouth is watering just thinking about them.

We spent Sunday night and Monday night at the campground and it was probably the highlight of our summer adventures. There is just something about sitting in a campground, smelling the fires, listening to the birds chirp and the crickets sing...ahhh summer memories!!


  1. All so perfect! I want to go camping now.

  2. How much fun


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