Monday, August 4, 2008

I'm Back and More Tired Than Ever

What a week??!!

I can't believe that a week ago today we were camping in Hershey Park and spending the day at the amusement park. Since then we have...
  • Driven back home
  • Had my parents, grandfather, aunt, and two cousins visit us at the beach
  • Went surf fishing
  • Had a crab feast
  • Celebrated an anniversary (mine and Dave's)
  • Played mini-golf
  • Went to a waterpark
  • Spent a day fishing on the boat
  • Enjoyed a sushi dinner out
  • Played multiple games on the Wii
  • Enjoyed every minute of it (especially the part when I crashed every night in my bed)!

It has been a fun filled week although I could probably sleep for the next week to catch up. I promise to work on some pictures to share with you all soon.

Hope everybody is doing well out there in the blogosphere. While I haven't had time to write anything I have been at least trying to visit you all!


  1. Wow busy week but looks like fun.

  2. woah, I feel like taking a nap just after reading about how much you guys did in such a small amount of time!!!
    I am so lazy :)
    Here we like to garden a little, then rest, and garden a bit more, then rest some more... :)
    Glad you had fun!!! :)

  3. is it possible that your week home was more fun than your camping trip?
    glad you had a fun week and can't wait to see some pics - if you can finally get them loaded :O)


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