Monday, July 21, 2008

They love their Grampy and Gramma

The other night my in-laws came over for dinner and the kids were delighted to entertain them. Zoe enjoyed reading a book with Grampy.

while Dylan had a blast teaching Gramma how to play Wii. I think they both enjoyed themselves. Especially Gramma as she was scoring many spares on the Wii Bowling.

I am very thankful that my kids get to spend so much time with their grandparents. Growing up, my grandparents were always a 10 hour car ride away so we only saw them a couple times a year if we were lucky. The time we spent with them was precious and I was always a little envious of my friends who saw theirs more often. (No, Dad and Mom, I am not saying that I wanted to move to Michigan!! I realize why we moved away and I thank you for giving me the opportunities that I had.) Today, my parents live a couple hours away and Dave's parents live about 15 minutes away for at least half of the year so the kids get to see both sets of grandparents frequently. I love watching them interact together, grandparents and grandkids. I kind of can't wait till I'm a grandparent when I can spoil my own grandkids and then send them home...right now I'm always the bad guy!!


  1. I agree with you about how special it is to watch grandparents interact with the grandbabies. My daughter was her grandparents just about 20 minutes away. We are so lucky!

  2. our little loves are very lucky to have their grandparents so close and such an active part of their lives!

  3. I have STILL never played a Wii.

  4. there is nothing better than the love of a grandparent, I'm convinced of that. We are spending the week with Michaels family and Abraham is loving it. I love watching him interact with our GA family too! I am glad we are close to my family but wish often that we were closer to his family.

  5. i am so not a "gamer" but I love Wii! We just had a MNO and played American Idol Karaoke, as I am sure you have read about one one of the CCP blogs. It was so much fun!

    My husband got AI Karaoke for his birthday and our whole family got in on the action. There were songs everyone knew from his grandparents era down to current pop songs for Viv.

    It was the most fun we have had at a joint family gathering.

    Have fun playing!


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