Friday, May 16, 2008

So much to do...

so little time...

  • 217 items in my Google Reader
  • Pack sleepover bags and soccer stuff for kids to take to Grandma and Grampy's tonight
  • Clean out shed
  • Yard sale tomorrow morning - Must. Get. Signs.
  • Create class movie for end of year gift to my students
  • Upload lots of pix
  • Shop for graduation gifts
  • Plan parties for school
  • Shop for teacher and para of the year baskets and a baby basket for school
  • Stay SANE!
On the upside Dave and I are actually having a date night tonight!! My in-laws are home from Florida and are watching the kids tonight then taking Dyl to his soccer game in the morning so I can run the yard sale. Maybe I can tackle creating my movie while I'm making money tomorrow. I can't wait to kiss some of my junk goodbye!!!

Happy Weekend!!

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