Thursday, May 15, 2008

I'm Losing My Mind

I don't know what is wrong with me this week, but I am pretty sure I am going crazy. Ask anybody who knows me and they will tell you that I am a got-it-together kind of person. I thrive with organization and my calendar is never out of my reach...yes, you may even say that it could be to the point of mildly OCD behavior. I lead a busy life and don't have time to waste so I'm pretty good at juggling.

However, this week I seem to be doing this...

Here are just a few of my blunders...

Daycare asked me yesterday if I was going to pay this week or just double up next weeks payment. I asked, "Didn't I pay you"? Obviously not considering it was Wednesday and she was asking where her money was. (Thank goodness we have a nice home care provider who just laughed my foolishness off!)

Yesterday I had a meeting after school at a different school. I was almost there when I had a sudden thought that I was going the wrong school. I tried calling a couple people I knew who were supposed to be there too, but to no avail. I finally talked myself into thinking I was heading to the wrong place so I turned around to go to a completely different school. Once I got there I didn't see any cars I knew and discovered that I was going to the right school the first time. Oh Yes!

This morning I texted my friend asking, "Did you talk?" I thought it was strange she never responded considering we are texting fools and pretty quick with responding. About 1/2 hour later Dave calls me and wants to know who he was supposed to have talked to. Uh Yeah, so I texted him instead of my friend.

After school today I had a showcase to attend and planned on taking my kids with me. Dylan gets dropped off at my school from his school and then we usually have about 15 minutes until we leave to pick up Zoe from her daycare. Today, since the showcase was at 4:30 I kept watching the clock to make sure we wouldn't be late to go there. It was about 4:05 when I realized I hadn't gone to pick up Zoe. I had forgotten to go get her and my daycare closes at 3:45! (I know you are thinking what a great daycare I must have to not be paid and watch my child for an extra half hour.)

I don't know if it is the yucky weather, lack of sleep, 10 days left of school or what exactly that has caused my insanity. I hope it leaves soon though cause I have way too much that I need to get done to be going insane right now! Now what was I saying...


  1. LOL I have to admit, I laughed a little, but only because I feel that way often! haha I even used that bottom picture in one of my posts once! I think it must be Spring Fever!

  2. i wish there was only 10 days left of school... more like 18 for me... shoot me now!

  3. please ask them if they see my brain back there as well

    hang in there!!


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