Saturday, April 5, 2008

Taking the Bull by the Horns

Today is not going be the usual know the one where I am usually here posting random things from the week, twittering incessantly, watching my recorded "What Not to Wear" episodes, and telling myself it is okay because I worked so hard the past week. As I lay here in bed (yes I know it is 9:00am) listening to the birds chirping out my window and watching the breeze blow my curtains I am feeling inspired. Time to tackle something on my spring to-do list and get this body moving.

Today's goal: Declutter, organize, clean, and unpack my bedroom. The suitcases are still laying around unpacked from our trip that ended over a week ago, clean clothes that need to be hung up are draped everywhere, dirty clothes cover the carpet...OK maybe I'll stop before I really embarrass myself. Anyways, I'm tackling it all today and will be recording it with pictures too cause hard work deserves some reward. So plan on coming back to visit on Tuesday when I reveal the before and after of my bedroom for my first "Tackle it Tuesday" post.

Now I'm off to tackle...right after I enjoy my first cup of coffee and some breakfast of course!!


  1. good luck! happy cleaning!

  2. Mel...
    I SO wish you would open your blog up to a feed reader! I love reading about your everyday life - you should really consider it!

    Karen :)

  3. Mel,

    Good for you! I didn't feel so inspired to clean and organize today.

    As you know (from my blog) I had to get out and spend money ;) I also spent the afternoon at the park with my boys...

    I bet you'll be tired tomorrow :)


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