Thursday, December 6, 2007

A Week Already?!

How time flies when you are having fun! I can't believe it has been a week since last weigh in. I'll try to catch you all up with everything we have been up to, but for now let's talk weight loss cause I just can't wait to share my good news. My official weigh in on Saturday was 140, which is a 2lb loss, and takes me to a total of 45 pounds loss! That is like losing my daughter off my body! Unfortunately, I really can't take all the credit considering that my diet last week consisted of sugar free pudding, french onion soup, coco wheats, and ice cream since I couldn't open my mouth. My body is screaming for some veggies and fruits! I did drink my water though which I felt good about. While this past week was awesome, I still have at least 10 more pounds to go and to be honest I have had a rotten couple of days. I made a batch of my favorite Christmas cookies complete with buttercream frosting to take to church and let's just say half went to church and the other half...well we will see what the scale has to say this week! The good news is they are almost all gone, Psshewwww. It would absolutely stink if I ended up gaining some of my weight back when I am so close to the 130's and my goal weight. It is also going to be a hard week with girl's night on Thursday (thank goodness we are going for sushi), Dyl's b-day dinner on Friday (hibachi - NOT GOOD), Dyl's party on Saturday, and then church dinner on Sunday (fried chicken). I am hoping to earn some activity points throughout the week and not touch my allowance points, well at least the ones that are left from the cookies. We shall see! Until next week...

WEEK 45 / - 2lb / -45lb


  1. Love the wintry look for your blog! And congrats on the 2 lbs gone!
    Path to Health

  2. Hi mel,

    You are doing great ... congrats on 45lbs loss... thumb up.. :)

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