Monday, December 17, 2007

Today is the day...Tuesday that is!

So tonight is the night of my first (and perhaps last) annual Christmas, uh, I mean, HOLIDAY school play. My kids have been practicing and practicing and now it's time. I, of course, being the anal person that I am have some anxiety to get this show on the road. My mantra is "But they are their kids and while I say goodbye in June they are stuck with them forever" and this gets me through the fact that if they do something really off the wall at least I can say "That isn't my kid". We are doing a couple short skits, some students are reciting poems, and then we are singing carols. Of course it wouldn't be complete with some hot chocolate, apple cider, and Christmas Cookies. I really was pretty calm about the whole thing, even with my slight touch of OCD, until I received the RSVP's and discovered that I have over 80 some people planning on attending and that doesn't include my 20 students...OH MY! I'm thrilled to have so much parent participation, but 100 my classroom! PRAY!!!

I'm putting hubby on camera duty so will get some good pix! I'll definitely let you know how it all goes. Probably not tomorrow considering I see a big glass of wine in my future when I get home, but hopefully by Wednesday.


Go ahead...tell me like it is!

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