Friday, December 21, 2007

Pictures from the Play

Thank you for all of your encouraging words about our play. My students were absolutely awesome!! I could not have felt more proud if they were my own kids. Every one of them remembered their lines and sung their hearts out with our carols. The night consisted of pairs or individuals doing little skits from "I'll read to you, you read to me" and reciting some poems, then we ended singing Christmas carols. Of course the night was only complete with Christmas cookies, cocoa, and apple cider! I had 94 chairs set up in my room (think probably a little bigger than the average family room) and every chair was full plus some standing. Here are some pix of one of the most rewarding nights so far in my teaching career...

Here I am getting the party started. The set (windows and fireplace) were created by the students.

Little pig cooking up the Big Bad Wolf

Cinderella with her stepsisters

An Ice Skating Poem

Snow Poem

How to Build a Snowman - the boys created a Styrofoam snowman as they recited their short story

North Pole Poem (the little boy created his own prop of the North Pole)

Cookie Poem

I Hate My Hat...this was one of my favorite's where one little boy keeps saying he hates his hat and his friend explains that he doesn't like the word hate.

Carols at the of the songs we sang was the 12 Days of Christmas. The students had illustrated each day (yes, we had turtles with wings and birds on cell phones calling each other drawn on our posters - student's interpretation) so as we sung the song they held up their posters, which you can see the little girl at the end doing.



  1. I'm glad that it went so well!

    Enjoy your vacation!!

  2. looks like you should get teacher of the year award!! You are a brave woman, teacher and mom! Way to go!! I'll have to get a few tips from you on how to maintain sanity during the week before Christmas because there is no way in Heck I could have done this. It is all I can do to not pop heads off of some of my students! HA!


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