Wednesday, October 10, 2007


Since I started Weight Watchers people have been asking me what my goal is. I have always told them that it wasn't a number that I wanted, but rather a certain size in clothes. My goal is a size 6, mainly because my closest friends are around that size and I figured I could multiply all my clothes!! Well tonight I had a selfish night beginning with a haircut and brow wax and ending with a bit of shopping. I headed to Ann Taylor first because I really like their work outfits. I grabbed all 8's to try on except for one skirt that I picked up in a 6 since they didn't have an 8 and guess what...IT FIT!! True it was a bit snug, at least to me although others may not think the same, but I could breathe, sit down, and squat!! This was such a pick me up because it has been a really rough week in which I have eaten all of my weekly allowance points by Wednesday and have consumed every last one, and a few more, of my daily points too. So after being able to fit into 8's comfortably and getting a 6 over my bottom that was just the push I needed to get back on track!

I started this post in the middle of last week and realized that it would be a great way to share my weight in for this week. It was so exciting to fit into single digit clothes and it did turn around the end of the week for me. Unfortunately, the beginning of the week had an impact though and I only lost 1/2 pound, but hey as I tell everybody a loss is a loss and at least not a gain so take it with a smile.

WEEK 38 / -.5 / -39lbs
Only one more pound to go to make my 40 pounds!!!


  1. Woot! Hooray for the smaller size fitting! So cool. Congrats on a great week.
    Path to Health

  2. Great job! Congrats on your size 6 fitting! Keep it up.

  3. Great job fitting into a size 6! Talk about motivation to keep on target with your points! I'm so happy for you!

  4. Nothing feels like trying on a smaller size and having it fit, huh! :D


  5. Wow!! Congrats! I need to get my butt in gear so that I can back into my size 6's!!


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