Sunday, October 28, 2007

Little by Little

It's another weigh in day and another half pound gone! I know I am always the one telling others that they should celebrate the loss no matter what, but I have to admit that I am getting a bit tired of only losing a half pound at a time. I only have 14 pounds to go until I reach my goal, but at a half pound a week that is going to take me 28 weeks or roughly 7 more months! I knew that the closer I got to reaching my goal the harder it would probably become to lose the pounds, but I'm starting to frustrate myself. My other problem is that I am somewhat content with where I am weight wise and clothing size wise so I find myself slipping on counting my points. While in the back of my mind I am still counting and keeping track I have not consistently recorded them in my Points Tracker. So I have decided that in order for me to get these last pounds off, I must step it up so I can get them off at a quicker rate than 7 months! So what am I gonna do, you ask? I'm going track every little point, earn activity points every day and not use them, plus get the water, fruits, and vegetables that my body needs!! Journaling seems to be what many dieticians recommend in order to hold yourself accountable. While I think that my points tracker is basically my way of journaling I am going to also begin posting here my food points for the day along with my exersice points. I'm also asking for your help to hold me accountable. If you notice that I don't have exercise points noted, check me on it and push me to get them done. Don't allow me to make excuses!! I can and will do this and I will successfully get these last pounds off!


  1. You have to give yourself credit for something: this is a TOUGH time of year to lose weight. I should know. I have disbanded my efforts until after Halloween!

  2. Somebody help the girl!!!! I have been trying all day to get ticker factory on my blog spot. Can anyone help a girl? I did notice you have a few nice ticker's on your site.


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