Monday, October 29, 2007

An Inspiration to Me

This is my fourth year teaching and every year it seems there is something new to learn and apply in my classroom. My second year of teaching I was moved to the elementary school where I am now and was stricken with fear at the thought of being transferred from my safe place where I had student taught and then taught for a year to go to a school where I knew nobody. In order to get my foot in, at the end of the year before I moved I went over for the day to just say hi to the principal (whom I had never met). The principal met with me for about 5 minutes and then put me with a teacher and told her to show me around. This teacher is now one of my closest friends, Lyndie! Lyndie has been a teacher for 7 years and is awesome at what she does. She has a way with kids and really goes out of her way to make learning fun. I have stolen many of her fabulous ideas over the past three years and am very proud of it. She is such an inspiration to me!! I am always telling her how when I grow up I want to be just like her.

Well last year, she was nominated as our school's teacher of the year. She then had to present to community members to be chosen for the position of our whole district's teacher of the year...which she won!! This past Tuesday, I was honored to be able to attend the state teacher of the year dinner and show my support for her as she was up against 19 other teachers for the title of "Delaware's State Teacher of the Year." While Lyndie didn't win...which secretly I am glad because then she would have been away a lot doing speeches and all that good stuff...I am so proud of all she has accomplished. She is such a driven person, busy as anything, however she always has time for her friends and family. She is such a beautiful person inside and out and I am a better person for being able to call her my friend!!!

Here's a picture of my girlfriends on Lyndie's special night...
L to R, Manuela, me, Lyndie, Holly, and Karlin. I know, I know...I have some beautiful girlfriends, huh??!!


  1. HOW COOL! so glad that you got to celebrate with your friend! You're looking GREAT girlfriend, don't you be discourged...keep going!!! :) Love to you!

  2. Okay, I'm tearing up. Your kind words were so touching. Thank you for acknowledging my accomplishments. I have a strong suspicion that sometime soon I will be sitting in the audience for your Teacher of the Year banquet. Thank you for being such an amazing friend!!


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