Thursday, August 9, 2007


Zoe has been crawling into our bed during the middle of night lately and last night was no different, except for the outbursts of "NO!", "STOP", "NO"! around 5 AM! I thought she was having dreams, so I just rolled over and put a pillow over my head, but hubby being the considerate person he is decided to see what was wrong. He discovered Zoe yelling because her body was trying to rid itself of waste (that is as PC as I can get) and she evidently was not going to have it. As you all know we have been in the midst of the potty war, so hubby, being the dedicated person that he is, got out of bed and took her to the potty. Of course she did not want to have any part of this either and I was thoroughly awakened to screaming of "I DON'T WANT TO," "I CAN'T", and her favorite "NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!" (trust me my version of her "No" is much shorter and even in caps much quieter!!) So hubby sat, sat, and sat some more reaching some success as she peed in the potty, but nothing else happening. After the ordeal, the whole household, and probably neighborhood, was up, so he decided to let her watch cartoons in our bed while he got ready and left for work. Oh to be able to leave...Maybe now is the time that I should mention that I am NOT a morning person and during the summer do not believe anybody should be out of their bed before 8 at the very earliest. Since everybody was up though, I dragged myself out of bed and got going. Two more times we tried the potty, to no avail and this morning Zoe actually had 3 wet accidents, which was 2 more than the whole day yesterday. AAAGGGHHHH!

On a positive potty training note though, before today, Zoe had been doing really well with peeing on the potty. That is to say she does really well, when stay on top of nagging her about using it. The last two days (not counting today) she has had only had an accident or two! However, she will not ask to use the potty until it is too late, so that I guess, is what we need to conquer next. Please keep us in your prayers because only through the power of God are we going to get through this!!!

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