Thursday, August 9, 2007

It's Stinking Hot!

I know I am not the only one who is going through this heat wave and to all of those who must work out cool thoughts are with you because I absolutely could not do it. We have been holed up in our house for the past three days because the moment we go outside clothes stick, sweat runs, and we are gasping for breath. You would think since we live 5 minutes from the beach that it would be at least a little bit cooler, but nope. We went out for dinner the other night and decided to walk on the boardwalk, since there is always a breeze on it, but even on it there was nothing except heat, heat, and more heat complete with lots of sweating! Yuck! So now I am off to join our dog, Mako...
who has not left this comfy spot on top of the air conditioner vent the last few days!!


  1. oh my gosh, I totally feel your pain! it is ridiculously hot here too. trying to get abe out to a playground is not possible. Thank God for Mc D's and Chickfila's inside playground!

  2. It's SOOOOO hot and humid here in IL too! We do a lot of book reading and dart out to the car to take a ride -- at least we get some fresh sunlight, even if we don't really get much fresh air -- don't really know how 'fresh' it is these days.....I am short of breath walking out to my car from work....too much humidity!


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