Wednesday, July 11, 2007


As in nothing, zero, no change...that is this weeks weigh in...the same as last week's weigh in! I should probably be a bit more excited considering that last Saturday we attended a big ol' 4th of July party and I did not hold back, plus it is that wonderful time of the month too, so maybe I should count my blessings. I have resigned myself to the realization that I will NOT be in the 140's before Friday, but am excited because my scale is consistently showing below 155 so that is a good thing. Honestly, I am pretty proud of myself because summer for me usually consists of many beach fries with lots of vinegar, chocolate milkshakes, lotsa ice cream, and pounds of chocolate covered strawberries. I have done pretty well controlling how much of these that I have eaten and have even still lost a couple pounds in the process. So while I have not lost as many pounds as during the winter I have maintained and that rocks!!

WEEK 24 / -0 / - 31lb
Goal: Stay on track this week by counting all points even the piece of wedding cake that I am sure I will be having on Saturday!!!!

To see how well others have been doing this summer be sure to visit Tales from the Scales!!


  1. Hey girl!
    I still say good for you...I haven't touched the scale since our visit from Joel's parents = father's day, birthdays, etc!! UGH, I don't want to know hence my lack of "weighing in"...Ha!

  2. Maintaining is better than gaining, I always say. I gained 3 1/2 pounds last week so staying the same would have been great for me!

  3. Maintaining is a good thing - our bodies are just readjusting to a new weight.
    Good luck to you and your goals!

  4. Did I read that right? You've lost a total of 31 pounds? That is AWESOME! Congrats on that, you shouldn't be too disappointed about maintaining one week. ;-) Path to Health

  5. I really, REALLY love the way you talk about this. It's obvious that you know it's not the most important thing on earth to be at your ideal weight, and that you're losing weight for all the right reasons!

    And...maintenance is a very good thing, right? It means you're doing something right. :)

  6. Great job on maintaining.

  7. you are doing so well!! Keep up the good work. Maintaining is a good thing--you will keep the weight off that you have lost :)

    Thanks for the well wishes for my birthday on my blog today. It made my day even more special :)

  8. I have refused to get on the scale for weeks now ... kudos for even getting on it!


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