Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Fields, Farms, and Livestock...

It was almost like being home in Delaware except no ocean and actual hills...that is what Michigan is like and where we spent this past weekend. Why Michigan? Zoe and I were both in my cousin's wedding on Saturday so we went up on Friday for the rehearsal and came back on Monday so we would have Sunday to visit with my grandparents and other relatives.

Usually we drive the 10 hours, but we got some reasonable plane tickets so we decided to take the easy way out. The plane trip there was pretty uneventful so we were ready to visit with family. All of my distant relatives live within 20 minutes (if that) of each other, in Adrian, Michigan, so it makes visiting easy. I remember during my teen years thinking that I could never live there because it seemed like we were related to everybody so it would be way too hard to date!! The weekend went by quickly between helping set up for the wedding, the rehearsal, and the actual wedding. Sunday was relatively quiet as we just hung out with my grandparents, made them dinner, visited with another cousin and her children, and then visited with my aunt and her family.

Monday we left my grandparents to head back to the airport and found ourselves two hours early. We decided to just relax so we had a nice lunch and found a little play area for the kids. Then we just moseyed around in the little shops until it was time to board. However, we found when we got to the gate that the plane was not being boarded and finally at the time we should have been departing a ticket agent said that the pilot refused the plane because of a spill on the previous flight that had a strong odor. They asked us to sit tight while they tried to get another flight for us. Finally, they announced that they had a new flight at a different gate on the totally opposite side of the airport!!! Remember, we have two small children of which both have carry on bags plus our one massive carry on bag and we were supposed to be departing in less than 30 minutes, plus did I mention it was on the complete opposite side of where we were as in we were at A74 and had to go to A10! So off we go to try to get on the little express train to get to the other side. Of course the rest of the passengers were attempting to do the same thing so it was packed. I asked hubby if we could wait for the next train so we wouldn't be quite as smooshed and he agreed. So we waited patiently for the train to come back and hopped on. We got on with plenty of room and got settled for the short ride..the doors close and.......the whole train shuts down with the doors closed tightly. Evidently it had lost power and according to the voice over the speaker we needed to "remain patient until the doors could be opened momentarily". About 5 minutes later the doors finally opened and the tram remained out of service. So we grab the kids and the stuff and proceed to now walk very quickly to the other side of the airport since we have about 15 minutes to get to the gate. Finally we arrive there when the plane should be boarding to find everybody hanging around the gate and nobody boarding. Another announcement that this plane did not have any cool air so the pilot was not boarding because it was so hot on the plane. Now I do not enjoy being hot at all, but at this point all I wanted to do was get on the plane and begin heading home. We did board about 5 minutes later and boy was the pilot not kidding that it was hot on that plane. Thankfully the blowers were at least blowing hot air so there was moving air, but even Zoe was crying how hot the air was. Everybody eventually boarded and we were off...to sit on the runway that is, since it was another 20 minutes before we actually took off. Oh the joys of traveling!!! Anyways we got home safely, which is most important, just a bit later than expected!! Stay tuned for pix!

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  1. I'm glad to hear you made it home safe, though hot. :-) Murphy's law really seems to rule at the airport sometimes, doesn't it?


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