Thursday, May 31, 2007

We Did It!!

It's that time of year in my school...No, not the crazy summer countdown (although this is most definitely happening too), but the time when state test scores reach the building and the panic begins. We actually received word that the test scores would be in on Wednesday and yesterday we received the summer school papers for the students who did not meet state requirements. In Delaware, reading counts the most when it comes to summer school. If a student receives a 1 on the test they are required by the state to attend summer school and if they receive a 2 then our district recommends summer school to give them the opportunity to catch up. Well I am so excited to report that I only had one 2 this year and no 1's!!! Last year I think I had 3 summer school kids, which for the class I had and for it being my first whole year I was content with, but I am so happy to see that my teaching is improving. I am so proud of my students too because they really did put forth a lot of effort on the test and I am glad that they are reaping their rewards!! I can't wait till they visit me from 4th grade!!


  1. Congratulations! Next year, you'll have none at all. :)

  2. for some reason i thought you had been teaching longer than 1 year...good for you with the success of your students. that is always a confidence booster when you see kids improve during the school year. makes you feel like you have actually TAUGHT them something valuable!
    we don't get our state test scores back until the end of the school year. and even then they don't require the students to do anything with them. Go figure. anyhow - kudos to you Mel! You must be one heck of a teacher and those kids don't know how blessed they are to have you!!
    won't you be glad when the year is over??? :)

  3. Thank you for your congrats! Erinn, this is actually my 3rd year, but my first year I had Zoe so I was a long term sub for two maternity leaves and had my baby in the middle of them. Since I had so many days in during that first year and was under contract though it counted as a complete year. So next year is my 4th year and I am finally tenured!!! YEAH! 1 1/2 days to go!!!

  4. Congrats! Hopefully I can pick up some teaching skills from you!


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