Saturday, May 26, 2007

Not a good day!

Today is my WW weigh in and it doesn't look to good. I am actually up a 1/2 pound, which stinks!! I know it isn't much, but considering that I did not deviate from my points and exercised a few time, it is disappointing. When I first began losing weight everybody was saying how one day I was going to plateau and I think the last couple weeks have been that "one day." One friend told me to try changing up my exercise and maybe start up the tae bo that I had done before and somebody else suggested going off the diet for one week and then starting back. I guess I need to change something to get going again. If any of you have suggestions for how to get going again on your weightloss journey once you level out, please let me know. I am almost at my halfway mark and want to get going again!!

WEEK 18 / + .05 / - 27.4
Goal: Try to change up my exercise routine and lots of veggies and fruit!!

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  1. Don't worry about that half pound! Worrying won't get you anywhere, just look back at your goals and refocus.

    I haven't been working on weightloss very long, so I haven't leveled out yet, but have you tried getting a pedometer? It really helps you see what you are doing each day and then you start trying to find ways to get the number up more everyday(ie. more working out in a fun way), like a personal challenge. :) It has helped for many people, I think that's why they are so popular. Avon even has one that's got little sparkly rhinestones all over it!


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