Saturday, March 10, 2007

Back on Track!

After last week's 1 pound gain I was a bit discouraged, but I am happy to report that this week I lost that pound PLUS an extra pound! After last weekends indulgence of chocolate covered rice krispy treats and chocolate covered pretzels I was skeptical about this week. By the time Monday rolled around I only had 13 weekly points left and knew that we were going to a friend's for dinner on Friday (last night) so was determined to save every one of those points for then. So I was careful throughout the week and successfully saved the points using them on a mini burger, cheesy potatoes, pretzel salad, and hot fudge brownie Rachel Ray would say "YUM-O"! Of course weigh in was this morning, so I crossed my fingers and was pleasantly surprised at my 2lb loss. So I am happy to report that my spirits are lifted and I am ready for another good week. Only 1/2 pound to go and I will have lost 10% of my body weight!!! YEAH!!

Week 8 / -2 lb / -18
This week's goal: Eat my 5 a day and make my 10% goal!!


  1. AWESOME, way to go girl!!! :)

  2. Good for you! I've been onboard to lose the last of my pregnancy weight. After a slight relapse yesterday during a trip, I'm back onboard and it feels great!

  3. Woohoo! That's awesome! I'm cheering for you.

  4. AWESOME on the weight loss! thanks for the nice comments on my weight loss :p)


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