Monday, January 7, 2013

New Year. New Blog Focus?

You may think that the tile would be prelude to a New Years resolution post, but not so fast. I won't be sharing any resolutions, just a focus change I'm contemplating making on my blog.

If you've been around awhile you are sure to have noticed my lack of blogging.  Somewhere along the line I just lost my bloggin' fever.  After almost 8 years, I guess it's no surprise. Actually blogging is probably the longest "hobby" I've every stuck with!  I sometimes miss those good ol' days of blogging my life away, sharing our family adventures.  Don't worry, we are still having adventures, but they just aren't making their way here. It just seemed with a middle schooler and 8 year old the postings may just not be as cute as the stories from when they were little guys.  While they never said anything about me talking about them here (usually they would say, "Mom, you can put that on your blog."), it just seemed time to phase out some of the stories. Not to mention with a middle schooler and eight years old's social calendar, this mom didn't seem to have much time to be able to sit and type the stories either!

At the beginning of this school year, I made the move to a new school district and a change in grades and discovered my passion for teaching again. The job change has really helped get my teaching career back in focus. I LOVE teaching. I enjoy planning lessons, especially with my SMARTboard, that include engaging activities that make learning FUN for my students.

I recently began sharing some of my lessons at my Teachers-Pay-Teacher store and have met some fabulous teachers from other states through the forums there. I've discovered that just like mommybloggers, teacher-bloggers are out there taking over the education world too!

So that new focus I was talking about?
I've been missing writing on my blog so I'm thinking of combining my teaching more with melsboxofchocolates.  I'm not going total teacher-blog, but am hoping to share some stories from my classroom and my teaching experiences. 

Hopefully you will stick around!!

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