Sunday, March 4, 2012

Conquering the Slopes

Over the weekend we left the beach and ran away to the mountains to enjoy some skiing at RoundTop.

We headed over Friday after school so we didn't have to drive so far so early in the morning and would be nice and refreshed for skiing.  The kids were up and at 'em early Saturday morning and after a big breakfast we were on our way.

The kids became pretty quiet when they saw the ski slopes for the first time. Considering they were born and raised at the beach, those mountains were quite intimidating.

After going through our stations to pick up the boots, skis, and poles about forever later we were out in the snow.  The kiddos and I had lessons scheduled, but we had about 45 minutes to play in the Discovery area.  Dylan and Zoe seemed to be natural on skis, making their way down the bunny slope without any problem.  They enjoyed riding the magic carpet ride back to the top of the hill and doing it again and again.  By the time it was lesson time they looked like pros...or at least way better than first timers!

The three of us had 90 minute lessons so the kids went with an instructor and then I joined two others for an adult session.  I was slightly hesitant about the lessons because I had been on skiis before, just wanted a refresher, and was worried I'd be bored in the beginner lesson. It was great though because the three of us in our group were at pretty much the same skill level.  I loved that our instructor, Linda, assessed our skills and decided to begin lessons from where we were, which meant that we headed right up the lift to the top of the beginning mountain. I will confess, that my heart was beating like mad as we headed up, but I did it!  I got on the seat, up the hill, and off the ramp without a problem.

Then I zigged, and I zagged, and I zigged, and I zagged until I finally made it down the hill for my first time!  In one piece. Without falling. Woot. Woot.  Then it was back up and down again and back up and down again. For 90 minutes. I don't think 90 minutes ever went by so fast. By the time my lesson was over I was feeling much more confident on my skiis.

But I was nothing compared to Dylan and Zoe.  They were absolutely incredible on their skis.  I was a proud momma watching them go down the hill with their instructor while I was practicing too.  They left me in snow powder as they whizzed by me.  Check them out...
Zoe and I got tuckered out after about 5 hours of skiing so we went and hung out in the lounge while the boys continued to play.  I had to chuckle when the guy who was operating the ski lift called Dave the "Energizer Bunny" because he kept going up the lift.  He had no idea!

About 6pm, after being on the slopes since 11am the boys finally called it quits.  Well at least quits when it came to skiing.  We still had more fun in store as we drove down the road and decided to try out snow tubing for a bit. Wait till you see the video I took while we were there...

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