Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Blog210K Week ????

Obviously these weekly targeted posts are not my strong point.
Thankfully I have been sticking with the running part, well all except for last week when I took a break...from pretty much everything! I didn't run, only completed myfitnesspal once, avoided school work, ignored the sink full of dishes, stepped over the toys and junk...yep. I took a break.

But, that break was just what I needed.
Yesterday I jumped on the treadmill and completed four miles. The longest I've run in quite awhile...years actually.  I really have enjoyed getting back to running. I feel better. Stronger. Love the twitching in my legs when I'm finished!

I'm currently working on Week 5 of the program.  This week entails 4, 9-min runs with a 1min walk in between each and a 5min warm up and cool down so about a 49 minute workout all together.  I've been using my Nike+ to record some of my run data and I'm running a 5K on the treadmill in about 38 minutes.  I'd love to get that below 35!  According to Nike, I run an 11:12 miles so I'm slow, but I finish. Slow and steady, wins the race right??!!

I will confess that these 9 minute runs were very intimidating.  Even though I used to run 5k's without any walking, I've been very nervous about the long intervals of running.  Last week I had 8 min runs and was terrified after going from 5 minute ones, but I survived. I find myself struggling the most on nights when I'm tired.  After I finish the run though I feel so empowered that it makes it all worth it.

This week, I'm trying something new in addition to running...a SPIN CLASS.
I realize many of you probably think this as being no big deal, but I assure you this is a BIG deal. As my husband asks all those who hear I'm trying a spin class, "Have you ever seen her ride a bike?"

I'm thinking I may have gotten in over my head.
My friend is part of a local gym with incredibly reasonable rates and has roped me into at least trying out a spin class.  I'm going tonight.
I asked her if they had recumbent bikes to use during spin.
She laughed.
I think she thought I was kidding.
She was wrong.

So here I go...
What doesn't kill you, makes you stronger, right??!!
Stay tuned...

I have a final blog post in my drafts. You know. Just in case!
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