Thursday, February 10, 2011

It's a Tough Gig...this Mommy thing!

A few weeks ago Dyl excitedly came into my classroom after school to tell me that he won the preliminary round of the spelling bee so he would be representing his class at our school's spelling bee.

Well today was the big day.
Our school's Spelling Bee.

The day started off with an hour delay which left to question if it would be held today or not considering it was supposed to have been first thing in the morning.  We got the word it was still on so I made a quick trip into Dyl's classroom to give him those mommy reminders and wish him good luck.  He was pretty nervous!

Through all of our conversations about the bee the one thing he always said was he just didn't want to get out in the first round.  He never said he hoped to win or make it to the top three, he just didn't want to get out in the first round.  So he and daddy studied {although I will admit that it wasn't until a few days before the big day} and we reviewed some tricky words, then it was game on.

This morning when I walked into the gym with my class I could see the nerves.  So I gave him a smile and a quick thumbs up and then took a seat because I didn't want to be one of those moms.  

He was number 5.
With an empty seat beside him {later he would tell me that the girl chickened out}
The first person misspelled.
The second person misspelled.
The third person got theirs.
Then it was time for Dyl.

The word was YEARNED.
He spelled it. Y-E-R-N-E-D.
He was going to be out in the first round.

I watched as his face fell, his mouth quivered, and he blinked back the tears.  But, I was so proud of him as he walked back and stoically sat down in his chair.  My heart broke!  I knew he was hurting, but there was nothing I could do.  So the bee went on until the 31 contestants each spelled one word.  At the end of the round, the moderator said the names of the students who correctly spelled their words and the others were told to take their seats.

Dylan headed my way and I could see the tears brimming.  He came over and leaned in on my shoulder.  I felt his body start to shake.  Then I started to cry too.  I felt his pain as if it was my own.  I asked him if he wanted to go for a walk, but he said no and then went off to sit in the back.  Thank goodness his teacher was sitting right next to me and could see that I was in no shape to go back to comfort him so he went to talk to him for me.  

I eventually got my own tears under control and Dyl came back to sit with his class.  The spelling bee went on and a champion speller was crowned {he was from my class...some good news within the bad}.

Today was rough. 
This mommy gig is getting harder,
and I know it's just the beginning.
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