Monday, September 13, 2010

A Summer to Remember

The other day I shared that I had over 1000+ posts in my reader.  
Yeah. I know.
There was a time when I would begin to shake just looking at all those posts and while many times I would contemplate hitting that "mark as all read" button, I never could do it.

I'm getting better though.  
I no longer feel that I must read every post.  
Lately I will skim the first couple and then mark the rest as read and move on.  However I always find that when it comes to Steph's posts, over at Adventure in Babywearing that I always get hooked on the first one and then continue to read and read. 

This time I read all 16 posts that I had missed in the past few weeks and honestly I could probably link to all 16 on my weekly Sunday Stars post.  But, her post on her hair, being a minimialist, and having a whole lot of stuff on her mind really resonated with me. 

Now before I begin, I should probably state a disclaimer saying that I am in no way comparing my minimalism to Steph's minimalism.  I confess to liking "stuff" especially in the form of new technology, clothes, shoes, and purses, a bit too much.  While I am trying to make better money decisions, my kids did start back to school with some new outfits and book bags, I had a few new outfits {had to have something that fit, but lets not talk about that} with new shoes, I am addicted to my Droid, and am doing some decorating in my house.

However, my minimialism has more to do with my time.  The past few summers I felt that I wasted so much time behind the computer screen.  Blogging it seemed was consuming way too much time and before I knew it summer had come and gone and I couldn't really tell you what we did.  So this summer I decided that the screen was not going to dominate my summer.  

This summer I took the time to stop and just enjoy being.  My family didn't go on big trips, spend lots of money, or sit in front of the screens all summer.  Instead we hung out at the beach, went fishing and crabbing, rode our bikes, picked peaches, explored new areas while geocaching, and just enjoyed being together.  Our days weren't overplanned, but instead we followed our noses and did what we wanted to.  We took time to see what was around us and enjoy what our town had to offer. 

When we went back to school and people asked how our summer was, I could honestly answer that it was truly a perfect summer!  Our days were filled with fun and I think memories were created that will last for a long time.

This is life.
We must get out there and live it.

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