Thursday, September 9, 2010

Happy Bloggy Anniversary to Me and My Chocolate

{Photo Credit}
Today is my 4 year bloggy anniversary.
It is also my 1376th post.

That's a long time and a whole lotta words.

When I first started I know hubby was thinking, "hmmm I wonder how long this will last" as I am the queen of running full steam with new hobbies and then dropping them by the wayside a few weeks later when I get bored. But lo and behold blogging has stuck and I still enjoy it today {most days} as much as I did four years ago.

I can't believe how fast those four years went by.  I spent some time this past weekend reading some of my posts and looking at all the pictures.  If you have never went back to read your own blog, you must. It is amazing to see how you and your writing has grown.  I blog just for fun and the biggest purpose for my blog is to have a memory book of sorts to capture and record the moments that are sure to escape my mind.  After reading some of my posts I realize that there is much I have already forgotten {for some of the posts that is probably better} and it was wonderful to have this memory keeper to take me back in time.

So excuse me while I pat myself on my back and maybe even share a glass or two of some bubbly with me, myself, and I.  Of course if you want to join us we will gladly celebrate with you too cause after all your comments do contribute to my chocolate success. 

So cheers to Mel's Box of Chocolates,
Some days were long, but the 4 years most definitely have been short.
Here's to another 4 and many more...

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