Monday, March 22, 2010

I Stay in Hotels with Strangers

Why is it that week days crawl and weekends fly?
The weekend just passed me right on by before I could even put my thoughts together to schedule a few posts for this week.  

Here's a funny story for you though courtesy of my 5 year old daughter.  

This weekend was the FitBloggin conference in Baltimore and since I was staying the weekend, I was leaving straight from my school.  That meant that daddy had daycare pick up duty on Friday.  Now Zoe always does better when she knows the plans ahead of time so we had been telling her all week that I was going to run a race in Baltimore and was staying in a hotel so daddy would be picking her up on Friday.  She was good to go and everything was fine.

Then came the drop off on Friday.

Me - "Remember Daddy will be picking you up today and I will see you on Sunday."
Zoe - "Ok, I remember"
Ms. A {Zoe's teacher} - "So Daddy gets to pick you up today.  That's nice."

Zoe - "Yes, daddy is picking me up because mommy is going to Baltimore to stay in a hotel with a stranger!"
I quickly interjected with how I was going to run a 5K at the Inner Harbor and was staying with a roommate to save some cash, but I'm not quite sure the preschool teacher was listening as I'm sure she was thinking how she couldn't wait to tell the other teacher this information.  

The conference was awesome and worth the total embarrassment, but I'm still trying to gather my recap thoughts so that post will be coming soon.

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