Sunday, December 6, 2009

O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree

One of my favorite Christmas traditions is heading out to the Christmas tree farm to find "the" tree that will grace our living room for the holidays. We always go the Sunday after Thanksgiving while the choices are good and spend at least an hour if not more walking through the field searching the elusive perfect tree. This year was no different.

We hunted and hunted until we found it...
So we cut it down, loaded it on the truck...
and brought it home with us.
Zoe and I got busy stringing up the lights.
Then it was time to add all our ornaments. Our tree only has personalized ornament and each ornament seems to have a story or memory to share so it took quite awhile, but we were pleased with the end result.

Now our tree stands tall in the middle of our living room bringing us cheer this Christmas season!


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  1. that tree is HUGE! but lovely! I think we might try for a real one next year :) love the new blog design too!

  2. We stopped getting a real tree after Phabian's first Christmas when we realized he had the same pine allergy that we had. Oh how i long for a real tree and its piney (allergy inducing) smell.

    We let the kids decorate the tree alone this year and now it is killing me cause Hubby wont let me organize and straighten the ornaments.

  3. WOW! I have to agree..HUGE tree. Looks good Happy holidays

  4. woah! it is a big one! So nice to have the ceiling height to allow for a nice tall tree :)
    That's the best family activity- when you decorate the tree and can chat about all the memories every ornament brings :)That's a very good idea!


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