Monday, November 23, 2009

My Diva List

In my house my daughter is usually the diva, but I suppose deep within there is a bit of a diva in me too.

When I read Ami's "diva list" it sounded like a fun blog post that I couldn't pass up. So I dived deep within and behold...

"Mel's Diva List"
  • A personal chef to create yummy, healthy meals that will keep me within my Weight Watchers points every day.
  • A personal trainer who will whip my butt into shape. I'd prefer him to be easy on the eyes too cause you can never have too much motivation, right?
  • A maid to keep everything nice and tidy around me, because the neater the area the more relaxed I am...every diva deserves to be stress free.
  • A personal assistant to take care of homework for the children, make food for the parties, schedule the appointments, attend the school meetings, and handle all that stuff that is overcrowding my planner.
  • A wardrobe consultant to dress my pear shape and make it look more like an hourglass.
  • A driver to take me where I want to go and drop me off at the front door, then wait for me to come back. This way I won't waste precious time and can text safely from the passenger seat!
  • A supply of fat-free Reese's Peanut Butter Cups, chocolate chip cookies, cheesecake...
  • Hmmm, maybe I should add a personal food scientist to create these fat free chocolate/sweet delicacies?
Maybe I'm more of a diva than I thought cause that was way to easy to write!!

What would be on your diva list??
Post your own list and leave me a comment so I can come check it out. The world just couldn't have too many divas!


  1. All of the above, oh yeah! Except for the Reese chocolate, swap that for just dark chocolate :) hee hee
    Very good list :)

    Oooo! I have one more, a personal 'writer' type of person who would just help me write my blog... maybe?! hee hee hee

    Thanks for the nice words you wrote on my wedding planner's blog by the way, that was so sweet :) You're so nice Mel!! :)

  2. Mel -

    My list would be VERY similar to yours. I would need to add a personal masseuse to the list...someone who would be available at my beck and call to work those knots out. I think I am also more of a diva than I let on!


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