Sunday, October 25, 2009

Lazy Weekend

This weekend was just what I needed.
Other than a bit of cleaning (and I mean A bit) and some laundry I accomplished absolutely nothing!

After treating the kids to breakfast out, I spent yesterday morning in front of the computer and I must say that it was nice! I've sporadically posted here and there the past couple of weeks, but had not read some of my favorite bloggers posts in way too long so it was great to catch up. Hopefully I'll keep my reader under control from now on cause that 1000+ was hard to handle.

I also played with the software for my SMARTboard at school, found some fantastic pre-made SMARTboard lessons, and created a couple of my own. I just love technology! Can't wait to share everything with my students. I need to learn some more about Flash because some of the cool lessons I found seem to be made through the program. Any of my readers know anything about Flash????

In the afternoon, I dropped Zoe of at a friends where she was spending the night. She was invited to see a Wizard of Oz play so she dressed up in her Dorothy costume and her friend dressed up as the Wicked Witch and they were off to follow the yellow brick road. It seems that they all had a blast as my friend texted me pictures all night. Although I'm not sure Zoe will be invited over again since she had a missing mommy meltdown on the way to the theater which was over an hour away and then threw up in my friends car on the way to bring her home today. I felt horrible!! It seems that she has caught a bug and since coming home she hasn't left the couch. We are pumping her with fluids and trying to get some crackers in because she did throw up once more and has a low grade fever. I knew it was going around, but was hoping we would be lucky. Guess not.

As for the boys and I, we had some Mexican food last night and then went to see Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs in the theatre. Dylan has been dying to see it and was jumping all over the place as we were buying our tickets and obligatory movie theatre popcorn. It was a pretty cute movie and hubby was impressed with the 3D. I wasn't feeling 100% last night either so when we got home I went straight to bed and crashed.

Today was another lazy day. Even lazier than yesterday as it is 6:30 and I still have not showered, nor have any intention of doing so. I feel better than last night, but still not completely up to par. I have spent another day on the couch, dozing, fiddling on the computer, and watching TV. Hubby made a yummy pot of crab soup and fresh cookies for dinner which was a treat.

I'm looking forward to continuing my laziness right on through my Sunday night shows!

So how was your weekend? Do anything fun?


  1. Dinner sounds delicious! I'm glad you had a good weekend. Ours was a little stressful, because we went out of town Friday night and neither Luke nor Tommy were enjoying it much, but we had a GREAT day today.

  2. A wizard of oz play! I'm totally jealous!!!! My son is going as the scarecrow...we finally found a costume! Hope Zoe gets to feeling better!


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