Monday, October 26, 2009

Disney on Ice

A couple of weeks ago I hosted a giveaway for Disney on Ice 100 year celebration tickets in Philly. Well my family also got to attend opening night for free thanks to Feld Entertainment and Mom Central.

We are huge fans of Disney on Ice and never miss a show when it comes to town. There is just something about seeing Mickey and all his friends skating around on the ice. The scenes are always spectacular, the costumes stunning, and the music makes you just wanna get up and dance too.

Just like Disney to make one night...magical!!

Here are some picture highlights of the show.

Mulan was impressive as always, but her dragon had me totally mesmerized!

This was the first time we saw Pinnochio in one of the shows, which was neat, but Monstro stole the show!

Intermission was the time to get a snow cone and plastic cup to add to our collection.

Princesses were everywhere and with our close seats we could see the love in their eyes, or in this case the surprise in Belle's.

The green men were hands down Dylan's favorite. He is still talking about the green army!
No Disney show would be completed without a little "Small World"

These were just some of the many performances, but I was too busy watching the show to take more pictures. There were also appearances by all the princesses (except for Aurora which Zoe was quick to point out), Nemo and Dory, The Incredibles, Jiminy Cricket and the Blue Fairy, along with Mickey and Minnie of course. Dave and I were both surprised at how quickly the time went when it was over. It was definitely a night enjoyed by our whole family!
It's not too late to see the show in your town! Check to see when Disney on Ice's 100th Celebration will be coming to a show near you.

Disclaimer: Thanks again to Mom Central and Feld Entertainment for providing my family free tickets to enjoy the show!


  1. How Fun!!! There is a Disney show coming here in December and I'm about 85% sure we are going! After seeing your pictures it makes me want to go even more!

  2. Oh i am soooooo jealous! It comes every year in Feb. around my birthday so i usually go with the kids as a birthday present to myself. WE missed last year but saw Nemo on Ice the year before. I can not wait to go this year! Thanks for the preview!


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