Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Are You There, Readers? It's Me Mel!

I honestly think this has been the longest I have ever gone without writing anything. Hopefully a few of you kept me in your readers!!

Although I have plenty of stories to tell, pictures to share, and posts already written in my mind I just can't seem to find the time to write them down.

Teaching 5th grade has been quite the experience. I am in love with my big kids and enjoy the conversations that we can have. I am gaining confidence that I am truly smarter than a 5th grader. However, I feel like I've gone back in time to my first year of teaching and just trying to survive. I clearly took for granted all the work I had created in previous years for 3rd grade. No wonder I felt like I was becoming bored in 3rd grade. All the work was ready for me. The past few weeks I have been working later than I ever have. Even my custodian commented about how late I've been at work after he had watched me leave right at dismissal for the past 4 years. I'll get there again I'm sure, but boy am I exhausted on the way.

On the homefront...
Soccer season started Saturday and this year Zoe decided to join her brother on the soccer field. Quite the challenge to watch two kids on two different fields, but they both had a blast. I know he is my son and all, but I gotta say that Dyl has got some skills. I'm looking forward to his games this year! Zoe rocked her field with her pink soccer shoes, pink pants, and pink shirt. You couldn't miss her for sure. She seemed to enjoy her first soccer practice, but is chomping at the bit to play a game. I did snap many pix, but haven't gotten a chance to upload them. Maybe sometime this week.

Some other great news is that it looks like my parents are getting closer to moving nearer to us. When I say nearer I mean within bike riding distance! I haven't lived near my parents since I was 18, which believe me what forever ago. I'm looking forward to having them nearer. Who wouldn't appreciate more babysitters, right?? It will be great to be able to spend the holidays with both of our families now, not to mention beg for free dinners after working all day.

Other than that, it's really been the same old, same old.
I truly miss my blogosphere and reading all the blogs. I haven't opened my reader in forever and probably don't want to now because heaven knows how many posts I will find unread. How long is it until Thanksgiving break???


  1. If you use Google Reader, you're in luck! It caps out at 1000+ and won't intimidate you with the "real number". Oh, and it only shows the last 30 days. I guess it figures if you're farther behind than that, you weren't going to get to those old entries anyway. :) Glad the new year is going well.

  2. 10 weeks I believe until TG break...7 until emery's due date! Hang in there!

  3. Wow, I was surprised to see you in my reader! lol I'm glad the year is going well & yay for your parents moving closer to you!

  4. Great to hear from you again! I'm glad 5th grade is going well, and how great that your parents are moving close to you!

  5. I've missed you! So glad to hear that your year is going well. I can't imagine what a challenge 5th grade must be. And you parents living closer? Fantastic! I'd give anything to live closer to mine!

  6. Welcome back! Good luck with the school year.

  7. I'm glad your school year is going well - I can't imagine the change that 5th grade must be ... but sounds like it is definitely a change for the good!! Have fun!!

  8. Fifth grade was one of my favorites to teach when I started. I loved the age and the ability to really dive into subjects like science. Glad things are going well. I hear you on creating new things when you change up grades/classes. Good luck and congratulations on your parents moving close to you.

  9. Lets see i am due Nov 11 and i have 8 more weeks from today til then so 10 weeks maybe!

    Glad your doing well and adjusting!

  10. People who have never taught in a classroom have no idea how much work it is to change grade levels!

    Glad you are enjoying 5th!


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