Tuesday, June 9, 2009

I Ran, I Conquered, but I Thought I Was Going to Die

On Sunday I ran my 3rd 5K race.
This time it was the Bel Air Town Run in Maryland.
I couldn't have ordered better weather as it was in the high 60's with bright sunshine and blue skies. Gorgeous.

On Saturday, I stopped by to pick up my race packet from a running store and discovered that there were over 2,000 race participants. I had no idea that this race was so big. I thought the first race I ran was big and it only had about 400 runners. The guy at the store told me I had to pick up my timing chip the next day at the race. This was completely new to me as the only timing device I had ever used was my handy Nike +. Later, I discovered the timing chip was used to determine your actual timing as there was an electronic pad at the start line that began your time when you crossed and another at the finish line. I guess I never really thought about how your time could be inaccurate considering it could be a few seconds before you cross the finish line with a couple thousand people surrounding you!
Anywho, my dad drove me to the race early Sunday morning to pick up my chip and I met up with a couple old friends so we could run together. We walked to the start line and proceeded to disappear in the crowd. Dad was in charge of the photography since Dave couldn't make it and here is a pix of the start line.

It wasn't very long and then we were off...

Saturday my mom and I had driven the course and I discovered it was very hilly especially considering I live in an area that is below sea level and the only hills we have are from bridges crossing the inlets. To say I was intimidated would be an understatement. My last race I ran in under 40 min which was my goal, but I had figured that with the hills I'd be happy with under 45. I started off feeling pretty strong and when I checked my pace discovered I was running faster than my usual pace. That kept me motivated to keep going since I was doing so well. Then came the hills. Oh the hills. I had decided to just take my time, but NOT to resort to walking. I wanted to at least jog up the hills. So I did! I pushed myself all the way to the top of hill after hill after hill. Finally the finish line was in sight along with my mom, dad, kids, sil, and niece. They were all cheering and I saw the clock going on 40 so I decided that it was time to kick it up a notch. I sprinted to the finish line passing a few people at the last minute.

Definitely way better time that I thought it would be. I was very proud that I almost met my 40 minute flat course goal with all those hills. Of course I had to hold on to my dad as I found a place to sit down because I seriously thought I was either going to pass out or vomit everywhere after crossing the finish line. You will be happy to know that I didn't do either!

It was great to be able to run the race with some friends. This was Erinn's first race and she beat my butt. She rocked the course and I'm so proud of her. When are we running our next one?

I've known Jodi since early teenage years, but haven't seen her since my wedding which has been 10 years this July. She still lives in Maryland and it was great to see her.

I still can't believe that I'm actually running races. Me?!
I'm living proof that if you believe it, then you can achieve it.


  1. Good job! I am running a 5K on Saturday. Wish me luck!

  2. Congratulations girl! That's awesome.

    I need to do something to get into shape...probably getting out of this computer chair would be a good start. ;) hee hee

  3. congrats - those are some nice pictures!

    I actually started a running scrapbook with all my bibs and print outs of my finishing times... if you do that you'd have some nice pics to put in there also!!

  4. Great job! The THOUGHT of running a race makes me want to vomit! :o)

  5. Congratulations! I know all about hills. I am doing the Annapolis 10 mile run for the 2nd time this August... talk about HILLS... it HURTS.

  6. Way to go! Now you deserve some time sitting on the beach and relaxing!

  7. okay I SO DIDNT beat your butt!! my time was 40:15 so I was a whopping 28 seconds ahead of you... we did great! And you RAN the entire way -- I couldn't even do that!! when IS our next one?? The UnderArmor one in Baltimore in October??

  8. ps check the website tomorrow for the official times. I checked yesterday but didn't see your name... maybe cause you registered late?

  9. Look at you go. Amazing. And you looked good, too :)


  10. That's so amazing! I'm so proud of you, keep it up!

  11. You did awesome! If you want an even more hilly challenge, you should come out in September for the Prostate Cancer 5k in Towson around the area of St. Joseph's and Shepherd Pratt.

  12. great for you! We should run together!I have done 3 5ks, and my finish time is very similar to yours!

  13. Wow Mel! Congratulations!! You did so good!!
    It's great that you got to see old friends as well - what a great activity this running turned out to be?!! :)
    So proud of you for pushing your way up the hills - I think I'm this close to signing up for a 5k... the more I read about your success the more I feel like just doing it! :)


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